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They extract promises from their parents of costly gifts and get them without themselves keeping the promise of scoring good marks. And they are having the cake and eating it too!When the parents finally realise that their own kids are taking them for a ride, the search for a tutor starts. Sometimes, it's the other way round. When both the parents are employed, a good chunk of money goes to the tuition teacher of their child. Parents feel that they can't concentrate on their children's education after a tiring day at the office.Easy navigation: It becomes essential that an e commerce web design must offer the prospective users the liberty to easily navigate through the web pages. An educated mother who opts to stay at home for the sake of the children tries to take on the role of the tuition teacher. But her classes end in arguments and tears and "You know nothing!" comments from the child and finally the mother gives up. Even a teacher who can handle a class of 50 today is prone to emotional blackmail by their smart kids when it comes to studies.An e commerce websites contains numerous products of sale. The web designers must design according to the needs of the customers. The web users must be able to browse the products of sale through name, price and data with ease. Hong Kong Online Solution Hong Kong Media Agency 網頁設計 網頁宣傳 網上推廣 數碼營銷 It's okay and even necessary to build relationships and even friendships in this business, but never forget your end goal: You are an author with your own business, and only you will look out for you in the end. As a child gets admitted into a school these days, parents start debating on whether to send the child for tuition or not. After every test result, this issue raises its head. With promises of more effort from the child and the parents resolving to spend at least two hours every day with the child reviewing his or her class work and homework, the issue of tuition is shelved.Keep in mind, just because your site looks great doesn't mean it's effective.While one firm may be able to design and build an incredible site for real estate agents, they may not know the first thing about selling books.All of these things are crucial elements that you must consider before signing that contract. Always ask for a contract; no matter how much you trust this person, business is business-be professional. Discuss these elements and see what kind of ideas your potential designer may have that can bring your project to a higher level. Use someone who understands books and the publishing industry.